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8 'bit' bio.

Child storyteller turned dreamer/engineer turned adult storyteller.

Read about me in hi-def.

I write. I rhyme. I reason. 

Hi, I’m Shruthi. I’m primarily a copywriter, but you’ll find that I’m full of surprises.

Engineering school taught me that you only need one night to become an expert in a field of your choosing; and then, portfolio school put that theory to test. In the business of creating narratives, it’s important to be in charge of the plot-twists. So, I learnt to embrace the power of contrasts.

When in doubt, I let the duality guide me. I start with the hard facts and figures; then, let it simmer till it tastes like poetry.

I hate putting people in boxes, but here’s my grid on Instagram. I celebrate the achievements of the beautiful people around me on LinkedIn. I try to be funny on Twitter and artsy on Behance. I blog about homesickness on Medium. I also have Facebook for some reason.

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Creative concepts
Headlines on deadlines
Rabid Googling
Punctuation snobbishness
Video Editing
3D Modelling
Web Development
Machine Learning Theory
Object Oriented Programming


Serviceplan Innovation:
Junior Copywriter
Munich, 2021

Jung von Matt SPREE:
Creative Intern
Berlin, 2021

McCann Paris:
Creative Intern
Paris, 2020


Miami Ad School: Copywriting Portfolio Program, 2019-2021

Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation: Master of Science in Business Management, 2019-2021

SRM IST: Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, 2015-2019


Cannes Lions: Bronze for Dot Go

Springer: Bachelor’s thesis in the field of Deep Learning & Computer Vision

New Blood D&AD 2020: Wood Pencil for Yula Energy Drink

New Blood D&AD 2021: Coors Light

New Blood D&AD 2021: Portfolio Picks

Take me with you.