Before I saw the cosmic madness, I saw glyphs, bits, and crumbs; then, I learnt how to spell “constellation”.  Hi, I’m Shruthi. 

I believe that depth hides behind disjoint dots and by connecting the seemingly random, I can help people see and feel seen. If I can throw in a few laughs along the way, great.

Very much like Ms. Pac-Man, I’ve always been one to gobble up whatever the world has had to offer: be it the wondrous inclusivity of the intersectionality theory, the complexities of computer-vision, or the nuanced usage of the em-dash. 

I write and eat my feelings while exploring new forms of storytellingon the off-chance that one of my own changes the world (or at the very least, becomes a meme).

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Her story

Level: -years-old
Origin: Chennai, India
Whereabouts: Paris, France
Pronouns: She/Her 
Strengths: Copywriting, creative strategy, copy-editing, editorial design, data science
Power-ups: Punctuation & punctuality
Weakness: Committing to fonts


Miami Ad School: Copywriting Portfolio Program (2019-present)
Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation: Master of Science in Business Management (2019-present)
SRM Institute of Science and Technology: Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology (2015-2019)


McCann Paris: Creative Intern
(Paris, France Fall 2020)
Freelance copywriter
(Berlin, Germany 2019)
Inter-College Events’ Newsletters: Editorial Head
(India 2017-2019)
SRM MUN 2018: Head of Public Relations (Chennai, India 2017-2018)
B&P Advertising: Copywriter
(Chennai, India 2016-2017)
OPN Advertising: Intern
(Chennai, India 2013)


Back in college, I helped edit, curate, develop, and design newsletters for college events that simulated the discourse of the United Nations. Here are a few:





Publications & Recognition

Soft Computing: A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications (Springer): Bachelor’s thesis on using Deep Learning for Image Reccomendation Systems

Ads Of the World: Audible Print Advertisement

New Blood D&AD 2020: Wood Pencil for Yula Energy Drink


Inbox to DMs

I don’t use Google’s auto-replies. They lack the proper emotion required to convey that final_4.pdf  is attached to this email.


Write to me about politics, punctuation, and everything in between:

I hate putting people in boxes, but here’s my grid on Instagram. I celebrate the achievements of the beautiful people around me on LinkedIn. I try to be funny on Twitter and artsy on Behance. I write about homesickness on Medium. I also have Facebook for some reason.