Dot Go

Most object recognition apps focus on just detecting objects. Dot Go is the first customizable object recognition app where you can connect objects detected to other actions. It’s about collision detection along with productivity. Detected a monument? Take a picture. Detected an apple? Cross it off your shopping list. All things done—handsfree. 

Franz Roppischer (ECD)
Lorenz Langgartner (ECD)
Sandra Valencia (CW)
Saurabh Kakade (AD)
Eduardo Alvarez (AD)
Kai West Schlosser (AD)
Rohil Borole (AD)

Copy & AI consultant (Yes, I put my engineering degree to use.)

Cannes Lion Bronze in Digital Craft
Cannes Lion Shortlist in Early Technology


Dot Go uses the iPhone LiDAR sensor to measure the distance to objects. Additionally, allows integration of various object recognition models, which makes it more accurate and diverse.

Objects can be connected with internal and external actions, from sound and vibration to interacting with the web, other apps, and external devices.

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